Open-source PHP photo gallery

Display your photos on your website with Blue Twilight - the open-source (and free) PHP photo gallery application.

Show off your holiday snaps.

Blue Twilight is a photo gallery to show off your photos on your own website. Written in PHP, it is open-source and can be self-hosted or run on our cloud.

However you choose to host it, your photos are exactly that: YOURS.


Public or private photos? With Blue Twilight’s fine-grained permissions, you can give access just to those who need it.

Cloud friendly

Store your photo files locally on your hosting or server, or on major cloud storage providers like Amazon S3.

Runs where you want it

Blue Twilight PHP photo gallery runs anywhere you want it: self-hosted on an Apache/Nginx, PHP, and MariaDB/MySQL stack, or in the cloud on our infrastructure - provided by our partner, Fasthosts.


Install on your own hosting or server. Runs on PHP 8.1 or above, under Apache or Nginx and uses MariaDB or MySQL.


Create your gallery on our cloud infrastructure. Your photos are stored on a private Amazon S3 bucket.


Whether you choose to self-host, or use our cloud, you can be sure Blue Twilight is running on open-source technology.